LSI MegaRAID 9460-16i 4GB 12Gb/s RAID Controller

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LSI MegaRAID 9460-16i 4GB 12Gb/s RAID Controller
This week we are going to recommend you LSI raid card 9460-16i. Equipped with Broadcom’s Tri-Mode SerDes Technology, this model number enables the operation of NVMe, SAS or SATA devices in a single drive bay, which helps meet with the increasing need for larger storage capacity and higher data protection.
Now, let’s learn about its specifications.
General Information
Manufacturer                      LSI Logic Corp
Product Model                    SAS 9640-16i
Physical Dimensions            Low profile (6.6" x 2.6")
Operating Voltage(V)          +3.3V, +12V
Key Features
  • Supported devices: SAS/SATA: 240, NVMe: 24
  • Four Mini-SAS HD internal connectors (SFF8643)
  • PCI Express 3.1 Host Interface
  • 4GB 2133 MHz DDR4 SDRAM
  • SAS3516 dual-core RAID-on-Chip (ROC)
Key Advantages
  • Fit into rack-mounted servers with low-profile form factor and side-mounted SAS connectors
  • Support critical, high-bandwidth applications with PCIe® 3.1 connectivity
  • Balance protection and performance for critical applications with RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, and 60
  • Add more protection and peace of mind with CacheVault® flash cache protection
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