Seagate ST300MP0006 2.5" 300GB SAS 15,000 rpm Enterprise Hard Drive

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Seagate ST300MP0006 2.5" 300GB SAS 15,000 rpm Enterprise Hard Drive

Seagate Enterprise Performance 15K HDDs improve your TCO for faster time-to-data for transaction-based applications, here below the specifications of ST300MP0006 for your review:
General Information
Manufacturer : Seagate
Model Number: ST300MP0006
Product Type : Enterprise Hard Drive
Product Name : Seagate ST300MP0006 300GB 2.5" SAS 15,000 rpm ENTERPRISE HARD DRIVE

Technical Information
Storage Capacity : 300GB
Interface Type : SAS 12Gb/s 
Form Factor : 2.5 INCH 
Rotational Speed : 15,000 RPM 
Buffer : 256 MB 
MTTF : 2,000,000 hours

Physical Size
Dimensions: 70.10MM x 100.45 MM x 15 MM
Weight (Typical): 230 g

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