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Toshiba AL14SEB18EQ 2.5" 1.8TB SAS 12Gb/s 10500 RPM 128M 512E Enterprise Hard Drive

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Update time : 2019-08-22 16:55:17
Toshiba AL14SEB18EQ 2.5" 1.8TB SAS 12Gb/s 10500 RPM 128M 512E Enterprise Hard Drive
Though solid sate drives are making their inroads into the digital world, mechanical hard drives will still remain their dominant place for a long time. Many manufacturers are still trying their best to roll out upgraded hard disks. Toshiba is one among these. This week we want to introduce you model number AL14SEB18EQ from one of its latest series AL14SEBxxEx.
First, let’s learn about its specification.
General Information
Brand Name              Toshiba
Product Model            AL14SEB18EQ
Product Series           AL14SEBxxEx
Product Name            Enterprise Performance HDD
Drive Width               2.5inch
Key Features
  • Large 1.8TB Capacity
  • 10,500 rpm Performance 
  • Dual-Port 12.0 Gbit/s SAS Interface
  • MTTF 2M hours 
  • 4Kn or 512e Advanced Format Sector Technology
  • Toshiba Persistant Write Cache Technology for Improved Performance and Data Integrity
  • 24/7 Mission Critical Workload Performance and Data Reliability
  • Tier-1 Mission-Critical Servers and Storage Arrays
  • Hybrid and Mainstream Storage Arrays
  • Mid-Range Volume Servers
  • Blade and Rack mount Servers
  • Edge Servers and Content Delivery Infrastructure
With improved 10,500rpm spindle speed, this model number is a good choice for those who like you still prefer traditional hard disks but want a higher spindle speed.
Other model numbers from AL14SEBxxEx and AL15SEBxxEx series are also available in TB Storage. You can visit our website for more information.
We are delighted to receive your inquiry at and answer all your questions.

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