Worry-Free Purchase for Internal Hard Drives

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Update time : 2019-02-15 11:57:06

Worry-Free Purchase for Internal Hard Drives

Dear customers, are you looking for reliable supplier for internal hard drives? Are you still worried about the hard disk repairs? 
We understand your worries, especially when purchasing goods from overseas, many factors will be taken into your consideration.
TB Storage here exerts all our energies to help you out with this headache.
We provide superior enterprise-class hard drives from Seagate, Western Digital, and Toshiba. We have dealt in hard drives for over 20 years, and won many regular customers’ appraises. We have been committed to providing customers with worry-free purchase of hard disk services.
So how do we provide worry-free purchases for our customers?
1. Pricing
 We try our best to help you save the purchase cost and gain more profits without compromising on the quality and services. 
2. Packing

 Our 3.5inch HDDs are 20 pieces for each factory seal original while 2.5inch for 40 pieces. If you buy the whole box, all products are factory seal package. If your order is less than 10 pieces, we will pack the electrostatic-bag-wrapped original HDDs into the customized gas column pocket and settle them in the carbon box with foam slot. In this way all HDDs are safe from shake, squeeze and collision so that they will deliver to your hands in security. For details, please look at the picture at the bottom.
3. Inventory and Shipment

With large inventory, short lead time, and quick delivery, overseas procurement will not be a time-consuming thing to you. In order to meet the needs of customers from different regions, TB Storage provides three shipping accounts from FedEx, DHL, and Aramex. We will help you choose the most suitable and safe way to ship your orders. Certainly, customers are free to use their own logistics account. We will make delivery within 24 hours. The logistics order number and related documents will be provided to you by email as soon as possible after delivery.
4. Warranty

The hard disk you bought from TB is guaranteed for three or five years from the date of shipment. If there are any quality problems, you are welcome to contact any of our employees at any time. We will handle them for you in 24 hours and we will try our best to give you a satisfactory reply.
5. Sales Team

We are a company that emphasizes humanistic care and personnel training. In our company, every sales person is selected layer by layer and trained systematically. They treat all customers with patience, seriousness and responsibility. Each of them will also offer you quotations at the first time to solve all the problems for you.
Let’s do not hesitate. Choose TB Storage, “Buying HDD Without Worry”. We will be your best partner. 

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